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Mayan is as unrelated to Hebrew or Egyptian as Chinese is to Latin.

Still some tenaciously hold that at least there a written language.

At least one of these groups, known as the Nephites, kept a written history of their people on metal plates which were passed down through their prophets for nearly a thousand years.

According to the Book of Mormon account, these plates were written in a language they called “And now, behold, we have written this record according to our knowledge, in the characters which are called among us the reformed Egyptian, being handed down and altered by us, according to our manner of speech.

Photo’s from , page 167 The Keystone inscription translates as “The Holy of Holies, The Law of God, The King of the Earth, The Word of the Lord” The black Decalogue stone depicts a man in full length robes, a sash and Jewish temple ceremonial hat along with the name of Moses above the image. Photo from The Bat Creek Stone was recovered during a professional archaeological dig by John W.

The inscribed writing has been determined to be an ancient script now called “Block Hebrew,” or “Monumental Hebrew” because of its being found in Jerusalem near the 4th century, A. Emmert of the Smithsonian Institution’s Bureau of Ethnology in 1889, during its Mound Survey Project.

There has never been found any evidence for ancient Hebrew or Egyptian written language in Mesoamerica or South America and this archaeologically well established fact has been used to dismiss and reject the Book of Mormon.

Some LDS students of the Book of Mormon contend that the rather sophisticated glyph language system of the Maya civilization in Mesoamerica is evidence that the Book of Mormon history occurred there.

However, the written language of the Maya is neither Hebrew or Egyptian – the only two languages mentioned in the text.

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30th, 2013, forensic geologist Scott Wolter (pictured above) traveled to Newark, Ohio to meet with Ohio State University professor J.

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